Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos next time you visit our practice.

<p><strong>Anterior Crossbite</strong><br><br>This patient wore braces for less than 2 years to help correct the bite and alignment.  Now the upper teeth cover the lower teeth, fixing the crossbite. <p><strong>Impacted (Unerupted) Teeth</strong><br><br>Impacted canines impact 2% of the population.  Some steps can be taken while young to help erupt.  The canines for this patient did not respond to early measures taken by the dentist (i.e. early removal of selected baby teeth) and were positioned on the roof of the mouth.  Following 12 months of early braces to create space for the impacted canines, the patient was referred to an oral surgeon to uncover and place a brace on each canine.  They were pulled into position.  Finally the bite was fixed and all teeth straightened.  Treatment post-surgery lasted 17 months.  The patient now has all of her natural teeth and doesn’t need to pursue costly dental implants. <p><strong>Crowding and Rotations of the Teeth</strong><br><br>Patient wore full braces for 25 months to get an excellent result.  For one year prior to her full braces, limited treatment was done on her maxillary teeth to help spin the front teeth and remove excess gingival tissue (done with a laser in our office). <p><strong>Deep Bite</strong><br><br>Treatment took 2 years to complete.  Opening the bite helps to reduced wear of the lower front teeth and also improves the cosmetics of the smile. <p><strong>Invisalign</strong><br><br>This 15 year old patient wore Invisalign for 9 months to help align her lower teeth.  She loved being able to take out the appliances to clean her teeth and classmates loved how “invisible” her aligners were. <p><strong>Missing Teeth</strong><br><br>Patient had missing front right lateral incisor and the same tooth on the left was small and pointy.  Working with her dentist, we positioned the teeth to have restorative work done.  The patient chose to keep one baby tooth long-term and plans to have a dental implant in the future if the baby tooth fails.  Treatment time took 2.5 years from start to finish, including restorative work.  (Dental work done courtesy of Dr. Amy Wilken) <p><strong>Open Bite</strong><br><br>This patient could not get his front teeth to touch when chewing.  Braces were completed in 26 months with the help of elastic wear to bring his top and bottom teeth together.  Open bites have numerous potential causes, often involving a habit.  This patient positioned his tongue forward, preventing the teeth from finishing eruption.  Thumb/digit habits and jaw growth problems can also lead to open bites. <p><strong>Overjet</strong><br><br>Treatment was done in 2 phases for the patient to fix the bite and fix the crowding.  The severe overjet left the upper front teeth far in front of the lower teeth, not allowing the teeth to touch when chewing.  The first phase was done in conjunction with removal of some permanent teeth and upper braces only.  The second phase involved full braces to align the teeth and fix the bite. <p><strong>Phase 1 (Early Treatment)</strong><br><br>Treatment was done on at age 7 for this patient to prevent damage to the lower gums and prevent wear to the front teeth.  Treatment took 4 months to complete. <p><strong>Spacing</strong><br><br>This patient wore full braces for 21 months to bring in his upper canines and close his large gap in his front teeth.  Wearing retainers helps to allow for the bone and gums to heal around the teeth, keeping the large gap closed for life. <p><strong>Space Maintenance</strong><br><br>This patient had a Nance appliance placed prior to starting orthodontic treatment.  This appliance can save space for developing permanent teeth to help prevent removal of permanent teeth.  All the permanent teeth were kept and braces treatment was completed in 2 years (lower braces only worn for 1.5 years of treatment)<br>The lower arch can also benefit from space maintenance, commonly with a lower lingual holding arch placed to preserve space.  Please ask if your child would benefit from a space maintainer while the permanent teeth are developing. <strong>Underbite and anterior bite.</strong><br>><br>Braces by can complete covered div done fix for front full help her lower months negative now of off on only or patient previously removable retainer show straight strong teeth the this to upper were with worn