Diode Laser Treatment

Diode laser treatment provides several benefits for patients receiving orthodontic care. A specialized diode laser allows us to safely and effectively remove excess gum tissue in order to expose more of the tooth's surface for better aesthetics and function. Your gum tissue serves as a "frame" for your teeth; orthodontic lasers are used to sculpt the gums around the teeth in a way that helps improve the overall appearance of your smile. The best part of laser treatment? In most cases, there is no need for needles! We simply apply a topical anesthetic to the gum tissue being treated so all you feel is the slight movement of the laser tip.

Impacted Teeth

Impactions refer to teeth that haven't erupted properly through the gums. We utilize laser treatment and can assist a tooth's eruption without the need to wait months for the tooth to erupt on its own or to refer an expensive surgical procedure.