Our Legacy


The History of Elite Orthodontics

Elite Orthodontics, LLC was founded on August 1, 2012, by Dr. Brady Novak and Dr. Karl Swenson, with the merger of Novak Orthodontics and Winegarden Orthodontics. 

Novak Orthodontics was founded in 2002 at 411 10th St. SE, Cedar Rapids when Dr. Novak purchased the orthodontic practice of Dr. Ronald Hanneman.  Winegarden Orthodontics was founded in 1977 at 222 Edgewood Rd., Cedar Rapids, by Dr. Timothy Winegarden.  Dr. Winegarden retired in 2012, after having treated patients for over 35 years. 

In November 2012, Elite Orthodontics opened a new and additional office at 960 Barrington Parkway in Marion. This location added a great orthodontic option for the growing and vibrant Marion community.

In 2018, Elite Orthodontics merged with Dr. William Olin, Jr.; relocating our 411 10th St. SE location to Dr. Olin’s office at 2720 1st Ave. NE, Cedar Rapids. Dr. Olin is a second-generation orthodontist.  He was the founding member of the Cedar Rapids Cleft Lip and Palate team and was chairman of the Linn County mouth guard program for 32 years.  Dr. Olin treated patients for 39 years at this location and he worked with Drs. Novak and Swenson until his retirement in 2019.